New Website!

Come On!










Typically, I swear by Apple’s software and service.  They may not make the sturdiest hardware, but their software is usually so simple that a monkey could use it.  And their “geniuses” are intensely helpful in troubleshooting software problems.

Speaking of “not the sturdiest” hardware, the backlight on my Macbook died for a second time late last year (the first time it was under warranty).  Regardless, when faced with a pretty pricey repair, I opted for a Macbook Pro since my Macbook was almost 5 years old anyway.

And when I get my pretty new Pro, what do I find…but iWeb has been discontinued!  Come on!  For five years, I had been building my personal website on iWeb, not to mention  So began the search.  My dad showed me how versatile the engine over at can be, which has proved to be really solid.  Hope you enjoy the new site…hopefully the ease of editing will mean that I will update it more often than I did the old iWeb site.