Negotiating My Social Media

It’s become increasingly clear to me that my social media stream is becoming a bit jumbled, in terms of content quantity and type.  That is, you’ll get two sermon posts, followed by The Mad Cleric, a Star Wars post, and then something about politics.

It’s a lot like my brain.  But then, there’s a reason only I have to live in there.

So here’s what you need to know.

If you want to follow my gaming posts, stick with my current Twitter and Facebook feeds.

If you want to follow my sermon posts, you’ll want to start following Faith Presbyterian Church on Twitter or Facebook.

However, if you’d like to follow my new project,, I will be posting that pretty exclusively on my current Twitter feed and occasionally on Facebook.

Alright, hopefully that’s as clear as mud.  As always, ask any questions if you need me to point you in the right way.