The Thing We Don’t Like About Jesus

The idea of Jesus being our Savior is a really easy pill to swallow.  People like the idea that Jesus came to forgive our sins.  We like the idea that Jesus is a loving man that wants to make all things right.

But the thing we don’t like about Jesus so much is this: that Jesus is GodAnd because He is God, His will is ultimate in our lives.  And more than that, He is our Lord, which means His desires should be put above our own.

Commentators W.D. Davies and Dale Allison Jr. put it this way:

…Jesus’ compassion is not sentimental.  The merciful servant issues excruciating orders.  The kindly saviour is the Lord who asks much.  Jesus freely dispenses grace, but he is not to be presumed upon.  Love gives and demands in equal measure.

If we are not submitting to Jesus in areas of our lives, it’s because we have forgotten this key reality: He’s not only our Savior, He is also God and Lord.  Submitting our lives to Jesus begins with a recognition of who He is.

Following Jesus is neither casual, nor partial—it’s a total life takeover.

This is an excerpt from last Sunday’s sermon at Faith Presbyterian Church in Covington, LA.  For more, listen here or subscribe to our podcast here.

Sermon Preview: Hard To Keep Up When Nobody Has Control

We have so many different arenas in our lives that it barely feels possible to keep up with them all.

Work has to be done, so that we can take care of finances and things.  As, a result, we barely have time for our family.

And friendship?  Well, we’ll just try to be friends with people at work, because we don’t have time to make extra phone calls or have dinner parties or write letters.

And who has time for self-care or a spiritual life?  It takes a lot of time, energy, and money to eat healthy and to exercise.  It takes time, energy, and patience to read the Bible and to pray.  So let’s just put all the spiritual stuff on Sunday and we’ll start working on our health next week.

We have a problem with our lives.  Jesus is not in control of them.  And we’re not in control of them.  We’re not living them.  We’re letting our lives control us!

And control is what discipleship is all about.  Who’s in charge?  Who determines how we spend our time?  Who determines what we do and how we do it?  Who sets our priorities?

This is an excerpt from this Sunday’s sermon at Faith Presbyterian Church in Covington, LA.  Please join us at 10:30am for worship!