Open Letter Concerning Syria

Below is a letter that Megan and I have sent to our Congresspersons, requesting them to stand for justice and peace when Congress reconvenes next month.  I urge you, regardless of your viewpoint on this issue, to be a part of the political process and contact those in Washington representing your interests.  Feel free to use any or all of our letter in your own letters to your Congresspersons.  You can find their contact information on these two websites:


As citizens of the United States of America and the state of Louisiana, my family is wholly opposed to our country engaging Syria violently at this time.  When Congress reconvenes, I urge you to please keep our country from engaging in such acts of aggression.  My family’s concern is less from war weariness and more from ethical concerns.  Not only would violence be a hasty alternative to diplomacy in this case, it would also be perceived as US imperialism in a region where we have vested economic interests.

Yet my request is not simply for you to oppose violent intervention in Syria–but to request that you put forth a more constructive approach to the situation.  We need better diplomatic relations, if we are to ever be a constructive presence in places like Syria, Egypt, Iran, or otherwise.

Please protect American men, women, and children now and in the future by opposing any efforts to engage Syria violently at this time.

For justice and peace,
Rev. Jason D. Wood and Megan Wood

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