If Jesus can fix my problem, then why doesn’t He?

Jesus, being God, has the authority and the power to do anything He wants.

We will see that in our sermon text this Sunday, just like we saw it in our text last Sunday:

Where there is sickness, He can heal.  Where there is a storm of chaos, He can bring the calm of peace.  Where there is demonic oppression, He can bring freedom.  He has the power to accomplish all these things!

But that’s not the only thing we will learn about Jesus this Sunday.  We also learn this difficult truth: while Jesus has authority and power to heal and to restore, He doesn’t always choose to wield that power.

What we have here is a theological, philosophical, and imminently practical problem.  If Jesus has authority and power to bring peace, freedom, and healing, then why doesn’t He do it everywhere and in every circumstance?  We see this problem in the Bible and we see it in our lives.  If Jesus can fix my problem, then why doesn’t He?

How have you dealt with this challenging question?  Share your thoughts below!

And join us at 10:30am this Sunday at Faith Presbyterian Church as we tackle this challenging topic.

2 thoughts on “If Jesus can fix my problem, then why doesn’t He?”

  1. This is a question that will never be answered in our lifetime. As you know, in my life, there has been much suffering. Sometimes I do wonder and ask why. My feeble mind wants answers but by faith, i know that God is in total control and whatever happens in my life, He knows about it and is with me in my suffering. He is using my suffering to polish me for His Kingdom. Whatever He does is for His glory. We never ask for the suffering but I know that God is with me and is carrying me through this suffering. So whatever state I am in, I will praise my Savior and Lord.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Pebby. I know from our friendship that you have endured much suffering. And I agree that while we may never know the reasons in the mind of God, you have pointed to a deeper truth: that whatever God chooses to allow, it has something to do with His glory and our “polishing.”

      I look forward to your comments on my sermon after it gets uploaded this weekend. I think your perspective is remarkable and helpful.

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